Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A man got a contract worth millions of dollars. Impelled by the huge profit involved, he motivated his work men to finish the job on time.
soon the job was completed and perfectly done and he settled his workers.  After the  inspection  by the  organization, he was issued the huge cheque as his balance.

On his way home, unfortunately there was a ghastly car accident which claimed lives including the man's.

Rescue team moved some of the bodies to the mortuary including  the man's as his case was worse off while few that was seen alive were taken to the hospital.

All of a sudden at the mortuary, the dead man with the cheque worth millions  resuscitated. And according to his story, he said when he saw himself lying helplessly and dieing, he was pleading to the crowd at the scene to attend to his own body but they were too busy attending to those that had minor injury. At  a time he asked himself "if i die like this who will  spend this money- i refused to die" and he jack back to life.
Your choice determines your lot. sometimes you need to be aggressive to get thing done;
if a common man could go this length, then believers has no excuse for being faithless.
Faith means believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.Philip Yancey


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