Thursday, 23 April 2015


A hungry Fox saw some grapes on a tree glistening by the sunlight. The vineyard looked beautiful and the grapes, inviting  so that the famished fox could no longer control itself. He made an attempt to reach them but fell down.

He jumped again. "Oh! they tend to be too high" he muttered to himself. He jumped even more. But they were still out of his reach.

Not willing to give up, he jumped and stretched and hopped but his attempt proved fruitless. Those inviting grapes hung higher than the fox could reach. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get his hands on them. He panted and began to sweat profusely out of exhaustion.

Seeing that every effort to get it has proved futile, he looked up in contempt , hissed and said as he walked away, "i think those grapes  must be sour. I wouldn't eat them even if they were freely served to me.
It's easy to condemn what you cannot have


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