Thursday, 26 January 2017


A young soldier walked up to a  well adorn senior officer in the army and asked him "Sir, what is the secret of your success in the army?" I want to be successful too.
The officer looked at the young soldier steadily for about 3 minutes and gave him a life threatening order. He gave the young soldier a cup full of water and told him to walk round the training field five times. He clearly told him that his life depends on it. That if a drop of water fall from the cup, another soldier would shoot him on the head. Four soldiers were strategically positioned to shoot him down once a drop of water fall from the cup.

Friday, 23 December 2016


It was December 25, 1914, only 5 months into World War I. German, British, and French soldiers, already sick and tired of the senseless killing, disobeyed their superiors and fraternized with "the enemy" along two-thirds of the Western Front (a crime punishable by death in times of war). German troops held Christmas trees up out of the trenches with signs, "Merry Christmas."
"You no shoot, we no shoot." Thousands of troops streamed across a no-man's land strewn with rotting corpses. They sang Christmas carols, exchanged photographs of loved ones back home, shared rations, played football, even roasted some pigs. Soldiers embraced men they had been trying to kill a few short hours before. They agreed to warn each other if the top brass forced them to fire their weapons, and to aim high.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


A young chap visit to a soothsayer to inquire about his future.
Right before his eyes, the soothsayer drew two circles: One in white and the other in black. 
He then put a millipede in-between the circles, saying "if the millipede crawls into the white circle,it connotes your future will be great,  but if otherwise, then you are doomed! You've lost hope!".

Thursday, 29 September 2016


An idle monkey was resting on top of a coconut tree gazing the cloud. Nurturing a thought of doom he said to himself “What would happen to me, if the earth will break? “. Suddenly, he heard a crack as if something was about to crumble."I  just said it and its happening, the earth is breaking up”. He said to himself and hopped on another tree screeching and alerting other monkeys.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Once upon a time in a certain place in Africa lived a king who owned two pets; a dog and a cat. Aside the kings guard, the cat and the dog were very useful to him. The dog had served the king quite some good years so he can be trusted with important errand, though very old. Cat the dog's companion was quite cunning but stronger and smarter.

The king had a daughter schooling at a convent some distance from home, and very often he sent the dog and the cat with presents to her.

One day he called the animals and sent them on an errand to convey a magic ring to his daughter.

"You hold the ring because you seem to be strong and smarter," the king said to the cat.