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Welcome to this arena of humor, laughter, life lessons and morals. The blog that  flows with milk and honey and offer cures for anxiety.
Waking up stressed and miserable; thinking of the routinely jobs for the day, could be disastrous to the health. I mean it's not a good way of living? It comes as no surprise that most working class people and some business persons experience stress or anxiety in their daily lives. And a survey from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) backs this up. in 2006.

Don't get me wrong, it’s fine to indulge in hard work for more success but it’s more important to create out time for pleasure.You see, certain amount of stress and anxiety is normal at work as well as at home. However, persistent, excessive, and irrational anxiety that interferes with everyday functioning is often an indication of an anxiety disorder.  hence the need to pay more attention to health arise .  And one  important among the numerous ways to curb stress is to catch some fun with bedtime stories, crack your ribs a little with some funny jokes.
Once again you are welcome to this issues of life and anxiety  clinic where we offer the cure for stress, boredom and unethical issues.