Saturday, 20 August 2016


Once upon a time in a certain place in Africa lived a king who owned two pets; a dog and a cat. Aside the kings guard, the cat and the dog were very useful to him. The dog had served the king quite some good years so he can be trusted with important errand, though very old. Cat the dog's companion was quite cunning but stronger and smarter.

The king had a daughter schooling at a convent some distance from home, and very often he sent the dog and the cat with presents to her.

One day he called the animals and sent them on an errand to convey a magic ring to his daughter.

"You hold the ring because you seem to be strong and smarter," the king said to the cat. 

And to the dog he said: "You must accompany the cat to guide her and keep her from harm."

The two promised to do their best, as they embarked on the journey. 

Unfortunately they  got to a riverside and found no bridge or boat to take them across. the only option left, after much deliberation was to swim.
"Let me take the magic ring," said the dog as they were about to plunge into the water.

"No, no no," replied the cat, in a rude manner "the king gave it to me to carry because he thought i'm smarter."

"But you cannot swim well," argued the dog. "I am strong and can take good care of it."

But the cat refused to give up the ring until finally the dog threatened to suffocate her inside the river, and then she reluctantly gave it to him because she was afraid of water.

The river was  very wide that they soon grew very tired, and just before they reached the opposite bank the dog dropped the ring. They searched carefully, but could not find it anywhere, and after a while they turned back to report  their lapses to their master.

 On their way, the cat scolded and blamed the dog for his insistence and nagging behavior which led to the misplacement of the ring. The dog feared the blabbermouth cat would get him into trouble and Just before reaching the house, he however, turned as if he forgot something and ran away and never to be seen.

The cat went all alone, and when the king saw her peering and dragging her foot, he called out to know why she had returned so soon and what had became of her companion. The cat was afraid but spoke the truth, explaining every bit of the scene and how the dog ran away. 

On hearing this,the king was very angry and ordered his guards and every other dog in the world to search out for the old dog and  get it tail cut off as a punishment for his misdeed.

 Ever since this incidence whenever a dog meets another he asked aggressively: "Are you sure you are not the old dog that lost the magic ring? If so prove your innocence or else your tail must be cut off." Then immediately each shows his teeth and wags his tail to prove that he is not the guilty one.

Since then, too, cats and dogs have never been in good terms as they always accused themselves of being too forward .

Together we stand, divided we fall


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