Thursday, 29 September 2016


An idle monkey was resting on top of a coconut tree gazing the cloud. Nurturing a thought of doom. He said to himself “What would happen to me, if the earth will break? “. Suddenly, he heard a crack as if something was about to crumble."I  just said it and its happening, the earth is breaking up”. He said to himself and hopped on another tree screeching and alerting other monkeys.

 “What happened? A mother chimpanzee asked the bewildered monkeys running towards his direction  "Where are you all going in such a hurry?". "The earth is breaking up, cant you see. You better run too”. A monkey retorted. The chimpanzee dragged her sucking infant and joined the cowards shouting  “The earth is breaking up. The earth is breaking up, run for your dear life”. Soon, thousands of monkeys and chimps were on the run.

On seeing the monkeys and chimps running through the forest, the other animals too got frightened. The news spread from mouth to mouth and soon, everyone came to know that the earth was breaking up. It didn’t take much time before all the animals joined the race. All creatures whether reptiles or birds, insects or four-footed animals, everyone was trying to escape as the forest became chaotic.

A male lion standing on a hill saw all the animals running helter skelter and thought,” What is the matter? “. He ran down the hill rapidly and positioned himself in front of the crowd. He shouted at them, “Stop! Stop! ”. The powerful presence of the lion curtailed the rising wave of fright among the animals. A parrot yelled, “The earth is breaking up”, alighting on a rock near him. The Lion asked,” Who said it? “. The parrot replied, “I heard it from the hare". 

When the hare were asked, they replied that they had heard it from the antelope. When the antelope were asked, it was found that they were informed by the chimpanzee up, they pointed one to another until the one, who started this menace was recognized.

The Lion asked the monkey, “What made you think that the earth is breaking up?” The monkey wavering in fear answered, “Your Majesty, I heard it cracking with my own ears”. The Lion investigated the matter and explored the sound that the monkey had heard. Ultimately, he came to know that the sound had been caused by a large coconut falling from a tree. The coconut fell on a pile of rocks causing a minor landslip.

The Lion hissed and said to all the animals, “Go back to your homes. The earth is absolutely safe. Next time you hear a rumor, confirm before acting on it”. The animals, which were now looking quite ashamed, went back to their homes.

Moral: sometimes its not the pain that makes you suffer, its your own negative thoughts that makes things seem worst.
Rumours are carried by enemies , spread by ignorants and accepted by fools; check a rumour before acting on it.


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