Thursday, 30 April 2015


A little lamb with a bell on it neck wandered from a flock of sheep eating fresh grass. soon it realize that it lost its way and was far away from the crew. It decided to join them but as it turned it saw a
hungry wolf standing, beaming a smile.

The lamb realized that there is no option left as she would be consumed except to surrender itself to the wolf.

The lamb asked the wolf, ‘Are you going to eat me?’The wolf said, ‘Oh little lamb of course i will!

The little lamb said again, ‘But can you please wait for some more time and let the food i ate digest? I just finish eating  a lot of grass now, if you eat me, you will feel like eating grass! what do you think?

The wolf agreed, ‘Sure I will wait i'm not in a hurry as I've already have you. The lamb thanked.

After sometime, the wolf got ready to kill the lamb, but the lamb stopped him.

‘Please Wolf wait for some more time, the grass is yet to get digest. If you eat me now, you 

will see a lot of grass in my stomach! instead why not let me dance and it will be digested easily.’ "Oh such a good idea", the wolf said; "please dance so that the food get digested quickly because i'm beginning to run out of patience.

The little lamb danced stylishly and quicken it foot towards the group. Suddenly the 
lamb stopped dancing.Wolf inquired what happen. ‘The bell on my neck, is preventing me to dance as fast as you want, kindly remove it so that I will dance faster and the food will digest very sooner’

The wolf, with the desire to eat the lamb removed the bell tied to the lamb’s neck and shakes it speedily.

Meanwhile,  the shepherd was searching every where for his little missing lamb and heard the bell sound. immediately he spotted the wolf  display. He quickly ran towards the wolf with a stick. 

Seeing the shepherd with a stick, the wolf ran away, and the little  lamb was saved!


Physical strength isn't just sufficient. Sometimes, weaker people with smart mind can overcome the physically strong ones! 


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