Monday, 20 April 2015


 An ass, who feels he 's been over labored by his present master who is a herb seller made a petition to Jupiter to be released from his present service and provided with another master.
Jupiter, after warning him that he might not be favored in the hand of the new master, granted his request on his insistence and caused him to be sold to a tile-maker.

Shortly afterwards, the same Ass finding that he had heavier loads to carry and harder work in the brick-field, regretted his action, he petitioned for another change of master. Jupiter, warning him again that it would be the last time that he could grant his request, made it happened and he was sold to a tanner.

After few days of the hardest work done in his entire life that would send him early to grave, the Ass found that he had fallen into worse hands, he groaned and said; "It would have been better for me to have been either starved by the one, or to have been overworked by the other of my former masters, than to have been bought by my present owner, who will even after I am dead tan my hide, and make me useful to him."


He that finds discontentment in one place is not likely to find happiness in another
complaints get issues complicated; appreciation is an application for more.


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