Wednesday, 29 April 2015


A young christian lady got married and was blessed with four kids. Her early stage of marriage was indeed blissful before her best friend intruded and snatched her husband.

Things grew worse when she was kicked out of her matrimonial home. she thought making peace with her new rival would proffer a solution to her unending problem whereas she posed a nuisance and a threat as far as her husband's new wife is concerned.

Not too long she lost her marriage, one of her kids died. she termed it destiny. in no time another son followed. she concluded that God wants it that way like her devoted  Muslim friend  implied.

Another bombshell happened on the third child and she was still trying to make up with her foe(husband's new wife)  who made her realized that by the time she finished dealing with her she would no longer remember she once had a husband.unfortunately before the beam in her eyes dropped, she had already lost the fourth child. what a pity?


"I cannot give you a gun and pull the trigger for you -wake up"

Hello cool Christians, we are in the power contest era, "if you are not empowered , you will be overpowered" Pastor A.Ojeme LFC aka winners.

You dont wait for God to come down, you've been given all it takes to win the battle. so wake up.


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