Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Once upon a time lived four lepers who sit at the gate of Samaria to beg.They were so popular and friendly that 10 out of every 100 passersby drops some coin in their bowl.
As time went on, the city was besieged by their neighboring country men which resulted to famine in the land. No passerby had enough money to feed let alone giving alms to these famous beggars. Soon the lepers began to feel the pinch. They called themselves into a meeting and one of them said "This is death staring us in the face, are we going to remain here and starve to death?" Another insinuated "I think its better we go into the camp of our said enemies, as they may see us as mere lepers

and show us mercy, but even if they kill us, is it not better we die there; it is better to die in motion and receive a credit for dying in active service than to die here doing nothing" He added. So they agreed in one mind and forged into the camp of the Assyrians.

Fortunately as they were approaching the gate of the Assyrians, God arose on their behalf and made their footsteps to sound like the noise of chariots and horses. The Assyrians soldiers heard it and all fled from their camp for safety, leaving everything behind. When the lepers got there they found the riches they will never encounter in their entire live time of begging. These include abundant food, gold, silver and expensive garments. They ate and took as much of what they want and broke the news to the king's house and the whole city of Samaria was saved from the siege and the famine just because some weak lepers decided to take a step, despite the risk involved.
Do not let the fear of losses rob you of the potentials of tomorrow.

Take a bold step and do it now; as the best time to do the right thing is even yesterday not now. Because you are already running behind time.