Monday, 4 January 2016


long long ago lived a king called Midas.He was a very wealthy personality and tends to had more gold than anyone in the world. He stored up golden coins  in huge vaults underneath his palace and spent many hours each day, handling and counting his treasure.
But no matter how much gold Uncle Midas possessed, he was never contented. He always wanted more gold as he spent much of his time dreaming about how to obtain still more of it.
Just by surprise,one day, he attracted his crave; a being dressed in white apparel appeared to Midas and granted him a wish. King  Midas unhesitating, wishes for the “golden touch”- that everything he touched would turn to gold. And the deal was sealed.
The next morning when Midas woke up from his bed, he found that his plain linen bed covers had been transformed into a finely spun gold! He gasped in astonishment and jumped out of his bed. Then he touched the bed and it turned to gold. ‘Its true” he muttered in his confused state ‘I have the golden touch”
He rushed through the palace, brushing against walls and crafted furniture’s, all of which turned gold at his touch. Out to his garden, he went from one flower to another, trees and even his pets and other animal creatures touching and smiling as they turned gold.

Finally tiring from the excitement of touching various things and seeing them turned into gold, Midas sat down to read while he wait for his breakfast, but the book he was about to read turned to gold. Then when he tried to eat a spoonful of porridge and a piece of bread, they each turned into hard golden lumps! Even the water in his cup turned gold.
At a time it became unbearable as the king grew alarmed. “If even my food turns to gold, how will I ever eat again?” he worried...
But as if his woe just began, Aurellia the only daughter of the king walked into the room in amazement to find out this secret. She ran to her father, threw her arms around him and kissed him. Much to Midas horror, she grew strangely still and turned from a loving little girl into a smiling golden statue.
The king wailed in anguish, overcome by the horror of what was happening before his very eyes. of a true he has gotten what he asked for, but he suddenly realized he didn’t want what he was getting.
But it doesn’t end here; there is more to this story.
The being dressed in white suddenly reappeared and asked, “well king Midas, are you not the happiest of men?” oh no! Moaned the king, “I am the most miserable of all creatures’
“But I granted you your wish for the golden touch” said the being.
“Yes you did but it’s a curse to me now”, Midas wept profusely with runny nose, saying "All that I truly love is now lost to me"
“Do you mean to say that you would prefer a crust of bread or a cup of water to the gift of a golden touch?” asked the glowing white being.
“Oh yes Midas exclaimed I would give up all the gold in the world if only my daughter were restored back to me”
According to the myth, the being told Midas to go bath in a certain spring of waters that would wash away his golden touch, he was also to bring back some of the water to sprinkle on his daughter and any other object he wishes to changed back to its original form.
So the legendary king Midas gladly gave up his golden touch and rejoiced in the restoration of simple things of life-family food and natural beauty. Midas realized that these are the things that have greater value than gold.


  The truth is that we do not live in a fairy tale world but they are sometimes use as a yard stick to measure and correct our excesses in life.Many seem to be fascinated with the idea of being able to create more gold-unlimited wealth – at the touch of a finger. but if you get what you want, will you want what you get? We should always seek to find a balance between extremes or rather be contented with what we have per time.


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