Saturday, 19 December 2015


Four friends were gifted in four different fields of magical expertise and they were very proud of their skills.Though the fourth one was not an expert like his friends but was very intelligent and careful.
One day the four of them accompanied one of their mate into the forest to carry out a research, as they were walking deep into the bush, they came upon the bones of an animal scattered around.

One of the friends said "I can conjure these bones to come together by chanting a mantra, I am expert in this work as you all know" He chanted the mantra and the bones were joined together and formed a skeleton of a lion .

"Good job done" said the second friend  "I can recite a mantra to cover the skeleton with flesh . with a snap of his finger, there was a dead lion present in front of the four friends. The third friend smiled pridefully and said "I can make this lion live again ". The fourth friend who kept mute when they began their magical display warned immediately "Don't even think of doing that, if the lion comes back to life it will devour the four of us ". "No I will recite the mantra and make the lion live again, I  want to show my skill too'',he said.               

   The fourth friend tried so hard to convince his friends but they said, "You are not in any way intelligent as you have always claim; don't you think the lion would be thankful to us for bringing it back to life  if we do?".The Fourth friend quickly climbed up a tree to save his head as they insisted. 
   just then the third friend started chanting the mantra and the hungry lion became alive and killed all the three and walked away after eating them. Fourth friend felt so sorry for his lost  friends but
have to go on with his life.   
          Moral of the story    
Don let a temporary moment of pleasure lure you into a decision that could lead you into a lifetime of pain and regret; always think before you act


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