Tuesday, 15 December 2015


A dog decide to embark on  a journey far from its usual home to sight see the country. A few days later he returned so tired and ecstatic, and his friends asked him to narrate his experience to them which he did, another asked him if he faced problems on the trip. He told them how he met with  too many people and animals along the way bidding him fare well. They did not create any disturbances but allowed him to go his own way.

‘The only trouble I faced on my way were from our own kind’, he said. ‘They would not leave me alone. They barked at me, chased and tried to hurt me while i kept minding my business.

In the same vein when we become successful as individuals our troubles most times stems from the person we know.  Strangers may not harass for once but not our envious friends and relatives we seemingly put up with... in such a situation we should carefully handle it and It may be useful for us to remember that it is easier for some  to associate with strangers rather than their own people.
Our troubles more often than none stem from our kind


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