Thursday, 21 January 2016


Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One pig built a house of straw while the second pig built his house with sticks. And the third wisely built his house with bricks.
Two of the pigs built their houses very quickly and then sang and danced all day, making fun and mockery of the third pig who worked hard all day building his house with bricks. Finally the third pigs finished building his house and the three pigs could enjoy life.
A big bad wolf saw the two little pigs while they danced and played and thought,
“What juicy tender meals they will make!” He chased the two pigs and they ran and hid in their houses. The big bad wolf went to the first house, raged and blew the house down in minutes. The frightened little pig ran to the second pig’s house that was made of sticks. The big bad wolf ran after the little pig to this house, huffed and puffed and blew the house down in anger. Now, the two little pigs were terrified and ran to the third pig’s house that was made of bricks.
The big bad wolf in his fury this time got to the third pig's house and warned them to come out one after the other before he loosed his temper, but the pigs remained calm. He tried to huff and puff and blow the house down, but all effort was to no avail. He kept trying for hours but the house was very strong and the little pigs were safe inside. He tried to enter through the vent but the third little pig boiled a big pot of water and kept it below the chimney. The wolf fell into it and died.
The two little pigs now felt ashamed and sorry for mocking the pig who built his house with bricks. They regretted being lazy and built their houses with bricks and lived happily ever after.
Lessons and morals
Whatever it ‘ll take to get the best out of live, go for it, do not play lazy or cut corners to get it done quickly.
Kiyosaki asserted in one of his book that the poor tend to build their financial houses made of straw. The middle class built theirs made of sticks while the rich built their financial houses made of bricks. He then quotes what his rich dad advice-“to be a successful person in life, its okay to be slow but be sure you are building a house of bricks.
Slow and steady most times wins the race.


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