Monday, 1 February 2016


A little shy duckling was always sad because he thought he was the ugliest among all his family. They scold, mock and teased the poor ugly duckling which made him timid and always wear long face. One day, he saw his reflection in the water and cried, “ How could i have been so ugly like this?Nobody wants me around, not even my  friends. I am so unfortunate.” He decided to leave his environment and went far away into the woods.
Deep in the forest, the duckling thought he had found solace with an old woman, who had hen, dog and cat. He stayed with them for some time but he was unhappy there and soon left.

He roamed idly in the thick forest. Rain came and  got him drenched. A farmer took him home to his wife and children. The poor duckling was terrified of the children as they called him sort of names and bullied him. One morning he luckily escaped and settled in a marshy pond. 
Finally, the sunny weather arrived. One day, the duckling saw a beautiful female swan swimming in the pond and fell in love with her. But then he had a flash back of those ugly times he was being scolded and mocked of his grotesque look and he bent his head down in shame. When he saw his own reflection in the water he was astonished. He was not an ugly duckling anymore, but a handsome young swan! Now, he knew why he had looked so different from his brothers and sisters. “They were ducklings but I was a baby swan!” he said to himself.
He summoned courage and approached  the beautiful swan and soon they got married and lived happily ever after.
Never allow anyone to make you feel you don’t deserve to live. Ignore their threat. Don’t be move by their flamboyancy and doings. Keep doing what you know best that would profit you.
Fairy tales can come true. Ugly ducks can become beautiful swans. It only takes time.


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