Wednesday, 17 February 2016


A King has 10 hefty dogs  in his custody so that every time a ministers or servants  errs, he   punishes them by throwing them to the dogs.
One day, a minister challenged his opinion in which  the king took for insult and he ordered the minister to be thrown to those hungry dogs.
The minister said, "I have served you for 10 years, and is this how you want to repay me? please my lord, Give me 10 days before executing this command." And the king said, "Your  request is granted."

So the minister went to the caretaker of the dogs and said, "I want to look after these dogs for 10 days only."  "You have your request granted." said the caretaker.
So the minister began looking after the dogs, feeding them, bathing them, and granting them all avenues of play and recreation. After 10 days came the day of sentencing, and the minister was thrown into the prison containing dogs by the king.

The king and all the people who had gathered looked through, to see how the dogs would devour and what an astonishment! The dogs had come to his feet, barking, panting and awaiting. "What have you done with the dogs?!" the king asked.

The minister replied, "I served these dogs for 10 days only, and they did not forget that kindness. But I served you for 10 years, and you have forgotten all of that."

Moral of the story:
 Always remember the acts of kindness and the good of people who served you well, even for one day.


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