Saturday, 2 May 2015


Two traveling soldiers were attacked by a robber. One of the soldiers fled away; the other stood his ground, defended himself and strangled the bandit.

Shortly after the Robber was near death,
the timid companion runs up and draws his short sword, and stabbed the already dead,and cried  in a threatening voice, "I said it that i'll surely get at him and  soon let him know whom he's got to deal with." But the other replied, "You are a little late, my friend: put up your sword in its sheath and hold your tongue, till you can deceive others who do not know you. I only wish you had backed me up just now, even if you had done no more than speak, for I should have been encouraged, believing your words to be true. You may deceive others into thinking you're as brave as a lion: but I know that, at the first sign of danger, you fled like a deer."

When a coward is found out, his pretensions of valor are useless.

it is cowardly to fly from a living enemy or to abuse a dead one.

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