Thursday, 21 May 2015


Two trees was planted  by the road side. One a mango and the other a big banyan tree.
The mango with greener leaves bore sweet  and juicy mangoes which attract many people to rest under it shade and equally enjoy it sweet fruit.

While the contented banyan tree was  indeed a home to many squirrels and birds though people do not pay much attention to it because it does not produce the kind of fruit they want.

The mango tree having grown so  proud of its appearance, one day, looked down on the banyan tree and said to it, " Would you pretend to see how important and desirable i am to this community. Everyone eyes me with greedy looks. People like my tasty fruits.  But its so unfortunate that no one asks for you because I remain the best any where i am!"
 "Don't feel so proud friend," the banyan tree said. "It's just the law of nature. Every tree has its own place in the nature and i'm not regretting who i am today”.

The next day, after the soldiers parade, they all came under the mango tree and plucked all the fruits of the mango tree. They picked them so roughly that they broke many branches and leaves too leaving the tree unhealthy. After they left, the mango tree looked ugly, ashamed and was in pain. The banyan tree said, "See how pride  has eroded you and your beauty, while I am standing here safe and sound." 


Pride Takes A Fall :

 R.Newton gave the definition of pride in 3 small

chapters; the beginning of pride was in heaven.

 The continuance of pride is on earth.

 The end of pride is in hell.

 Beware of pride! it is the weight that brings

one down when climbing the ladder of success.


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