Thursday, 7 May 2015


A beauty contest competition was proclaimed to all the beasts of the forest, and  a royal reward  by Artemis the god of the beast was to be given to  the one whose offspring would be deemed the prettiest.

The beautiful peacock, leopard and other good looking animals came for the parade. The monkey thought it not robbery or bad to give a try as she came with other contestant and presented, with all a mother's tenderness, a flat-nosed, hairless, ill-featured young Monkey as a candidate for the promised reward.

 A general mockery and laugh saluted her on the presentation of her daughter. She resolutely said: "I do not care whether Artemis will allot the prize to my daughter; but this I do know for sure, that my own daughter is the dearest, and most beautiful of all the beasts who are here."

Don't conclude your self as any ugly person even if you are one.
At least think your self as a beautiful monkey

A mother's love blinds her to many imperfections.


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