Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Once upon a time, lived a jackal deep into a jungle along with other animals. He claims to be the most adventurous among others and liked to explore new places.

One day he left his domain – the jungle – and ventured into a village in search of food. But unfortunate he was being chased by town dogs! The dogs snapped at his limbs with their sharp-pointed teeth, and terrified his heart with their dreadful barking, chasing him left and right.

To save his head from this assault he ran into a dyer’s yard and fell into a vat of indigo dye. When he came out of the tub, he was colored blue and look scary so that the dogs could not recognize him. They ran away in panic. The jackal was sad at his misfortunes anyway, and thought he should go back to the jungle.

The adventurous jackal came back to  the jungle his real home but cause all the other animals to fright, at a glimpse of his awful body color, they ran as far and cried out in fear: “What is this creature enriched with that unknown colour?” They fled in panic and their eyes danced with terror, as everyone spread the report, “Oh, oh! there is an exotic creature in our jungle that has dropped from somewhere.”

The jackal also scared, as he thought they might ganged up against him, thought fast and announced to all the other animals, “Don’t run away. Lord Artemis has crowned me your new king. Come back. I will protect all of you”.

On hearing this, the lions, tigers, leopards, monkeys, rabbits, jackals, and other species of wild life bowed humbly, saying: “Master, prescribe to us our duties.”

Thereupon he appointed lion as his prime minister and tiger as his lord of the bedchamber, while leopard was made custodian of the king’s betel, elephant the doorkeeper, and monkey, the bearer of the kings palace. But to all the jackals, his own relatives and friends, he drove them away with the fear of getting caught. Thus he enjoyed the kingly glory, while lions and other animals brought food for him. Later he divided and distributed the food to all after the manner of kings.

While time passed in this fashion, one night, as nature would have it when the jungle was absolutely still, the jackals who had been chased away, began howling. Hearing this, Jackal’s body was thrilled, his eyes were filled with tears of joy, he leaped to his feet, and true to his nature the false jackal king began howling along with his brothers.

When the lions and other animals heard this, they realized that he was a jackal. “Hey! Our king is only a jackal. We have been fooled. He shall die for this,” they cried in unison.

And when he heard this, he endeavored to flee, but was caught and torn in aggression by the ferocious animals.

Warning! Trespassers will be given a blood transfusion as part of a birth day celebration in their honour


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