Thursday, 26 November 2015


A beautiful white pigeon lived in the same tree with an ant. The tree grew up to remain on a river bank. Though they were neighbours but never lived like friends, possibly because they are different in sizes and looks. The pigeon watched his neighbor go out to work in the morning and come back to rest at night, likewise the ant but for once they never say hi to one another.

One sunny day the ant was busy hunting for his family when suddenly the wind caught the heavy load he carried. he lost balance and fell down and own until he landed on the stream below the river.
she cried for help as he splashed the water severally hoping someone would come to his rescue. And as fate would have it, somehow the pigeon saw the trouble his neighbor was undergoing and quickly hurried to the tree and pinched off a leaf and dropped it down to the  struggling ant. "You can climb on the leaf" yelled the pigeon. The ant struggled towards the leaf and climbed up there. Soon he paddled his way safely to dry ground. he came out and thanked his new friend and neighbor.

Just the very next day a hunter came by with his gun.  He aimed it towards the pigeon who unknowingly perched and was picking out lice from his body.  The ant at the very far end quickly knew what he was up to.  “How can I let this hunter hunt my friend that saved my life?” he thought. 
“I must do something!   He came up with an idea.  He hurried across the path and ran to the end of a branch and dove through the air.  He landed on the hunter's collar.  He ran straight to the hunter's neck.  The ant

bit down at the same time the hunter squeezed the trigger of his gun.  “Owwww!”,

ouch!" screamed the hunter and shut amiss which called the attention of the pigeon and he flew off.
He quickly flew back home on time just to ensure the ant had climbed up safely.

“Thank you, dear ant for saving my life, i was wrong, said the pigeon, i never knew someone small can help someone big." he added.
After that day, the neighbors started living like families.

say no to conditional acceptance; even those who are very different in size and looks can still be friends.


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