Thursday, 30 July 2015


A young man was drowning, and about to die, a good Samaritan came to his rescue to help him out but he refused, saying that God will help him.

 Two other men came stretching their helping hand , he insisted they should not worry that God would save him. 

He later died and went to heaven to meet God. he asked God "why didn't you save me when i was drowning. God answered and said "I sent 3 people to help you out of the plight but you  blatantly refuse".

 Don't wait for God to come down before you think those prayers you said has been answered.
 dare things. start small and don't wait long even if the job is not coming. if u wait , you may waste.
 Just that same way God send those 3 men for his rescue of which he declined, God has equally place opportunity around you so you can tap from. shine your eyes.


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